This place located in Tuscany in the most remote Lunigiana has always been a place of conviviality and meeting point, the center of the small town where you could drink, eat and play the oldest games.

The spouses Corrado and Genevieve, who was commonly called Vevette at home, in the second half of the last century created and carried on their business of administration and sale in the small shop, as well as creating a game point where the ancient game of bowls.

Once in this place there was also a small post office and a BAR

All this has not been there for a long time but, from the desire of the grandchildren of Genevieve and Corrado to revive a place that was of great importance for Villa, the idea of creating the Holiday House La Maison de Vevette was born

Silvia and Michele spouses in life and parents of four children have thus decided to renovate this house in memory of their grandparents and make it once again a place of rest, recreation and entertainment.